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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A week away from Lily

Monday July 25th Forgot to mention last week Ann & David whom we travelled the MSC with came for tea last Sunday. We were supposed to give them a call before we left the dock in Liverpool but couldn't find where I had put the piece of paper with their phone number on it. Carol found I had put it in her glasses case....I don't think! It was good to see them again, especially as it meant extra cakes!!

On Monday we caught our first train from Burscough Bridge Station at 9.36 and because of our route via Leicester didn't arrive near Chichester until 16.30 after using 3 trains and the tube. They worked pretty well to time though we only caught one train by the skin of our teeth, a wait of 11 minutes disappeared. When at St Pancras we saw a hoard of photographers waiting at the Eurostar exit, Carol enquired who was coming, but we were not interested enough to wait for to see the Brazilian Basketball team.

We had a lovely few days with Clare & girls including 2 days when we saw not a cloud & spent one of them on the beach building sand & shingle castles plus splashing in the sea.

We returned home via Leicester where friend Jenny put us up, returning our hospitality of 2 weeks before. Our trip was delayed by shuffling the train through different tracks, including tube lines, with us passing right alongside The Shard which was pretty impressive. On the Saturday we all went to our friend Stan's 70th party. He had hoped for a dry day and got it but it was far from warm, but we had a great time catching up with friends again. We had of course watched the Olympic opening ceremony the night before and from then on it has been hard work watching, having the Hungarian GP to watch too. When we got home I found we could retune our satellite dish to pick up 24 Olympic channels...but we only have 2 eyes each!!

Lily was fine when we got home, but our return trip was upset by trains breaking down in Sheffield leading to a much delayed train that was full to bursting. Friend Ralf had watered Carol's garden and all looked fine. No pics, they are all of family & friends.

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