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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Back to Base

We came across this lovely tree as we cruised towards the Foxton locks.

Wednesday 15th October Overnight rain and not a very pleasant day. About half a dozen boats passed us on their way to Watford locks before we cast off, and this was followed by about another 20 boats crossing through the day. I took the tiller and of course met 2 boats as we went through Crick tunnel, Carol seems to avoid meeting boats when she is in charge. The umbrella kept most of the water off us and as we emerged I remarked on the very sad looking boat about 50 yards from the north portal. It is nearly new but covered in green slime and leaves & I'm sure it hasn't moved since we went South in June. Just past it and approaching the bridge I crossed the next 2 boats, before tieing up at the Wharf to fill with water. Exchanged waves with Barry in ABNB, we'll see him back in the marina.

The day carried on much the same, but the canal was incredibly shallow north of bridge 26 for a mile or so and if BW don't do something about the reeds in other places there will be no clear channel, and of course silt will be building up around their stems and forming a load of stuff that will need dredging soon. I reported this to Derek at Foxton when we got there, and he asked how water levels were, there had been a problem over the weekend. We moored up near bridge 47 for our last night out.

Thursday 16th dawned much brighter, but much cooler. We set off much earlier than usual, being under way by 9 as we wanted to collect our post from Sally as we had some urgent stuff to deal with. The sun shone and there was not too much breeze and there were some lovely sights, including a lovely pony & trap passing alongside a nearby road. Unfortunately the gaps between the hedges were very small but I managed this snap.

We also noted that some of the fields had started to get their winter colour and nature, but the cows and sheep seemed pretty content.

We reached the top of Foxton just after 10 and were told we could go straight down. Approaching the top lock there is this lovely new statue that has been erected as part of the new interpretation scheme.

Carol loves the Bennetts ice cream the Top Lock Cottage sells and despite the cool day considered she deserved to lick one as we descended. Ice cream cones and a windlass don't go together too well, so I didn't have one, and anyway it was a bit early and cold for me. Our traverse was pretty quick and we saw Mary & Tony by their home at the bottom lock and exchanged news and views.

We cruised on to Debdale and were securely tied up by 11.30. All I need to do now is work out our total journey details.

As our winter is going to be even more boring that my blog, with me probably going back to work for Blaby District Council part time and Carol being highly social, I don't intend to return to blogging until something interesting arises.

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